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Introducing the new KeepKey Client

Follow the guide below to get started using your KeepKey.

download for macOS download for Windows download for Linux

Already Setup your device? Update

Guide on Updating your KeepKey

1. Download the latest KeepKey Client

  • Select the appropriate download for your OS.
  • note: (linux users) usb drivers: Update your Udev rules
  • note: (linux users) you may need to chmod your download file to run the application and connect via USB
  • note: (Windows users) you may need continue past unsafe download errors
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2. Unbox your device

  • Prepare your materials for mnemonic recovery phrase storage
KeepKey wallet

3. Connect your Device

  • Connect your KeepKey to your computer
KeepKey wallet

4. Enter Updater Mode

  • Unplug Device
  • Hold Down Button on KeepKey
  • Plug Device back in
KeepKey wallet

5. Update your Devices Bootloader

  • Do NOT unplug your keepkey while uploading!
  • You will be prompted to unplug and reconnect your device
  • Do not disconnect your device until prompted to do so on device
KeepKey wallet

6. Update Your devices Firmware

  • The Latest Firmware is required to use the platform
KeepKey wallet

7. Create your Wallet

  • Initialize your wallet by generating a new Mnemonic recovery phrase
KeepKey wallet

8. (optional) Restore your Wallet using a Mnemonic recovery phrase

  • You Will be Prompted to use a cypher to enter text via your keyboard
  • Never Enter your Mnemonic recovery phrase in an application without using a cypher
  • Any Application asking to enter a Mnemonic recovery phrase without a cypher is a scam!
KeepKey wallet

Still unable to connect? troubleshoot

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