Get Started

Thank you for your KeepKey purchase. This guide will help you get started using your KeepKey and securing your digital assets.

What You Need:

  • KeepKey
  • USB cable (included)
  • Computer
  • Latest version of Google Chrome browser
  • Your recovery card (included)
  • Pen to write down your recovery sentence

Step 1:

Download and install the KeepKey Client App from the Chrome web store.

Step 2:

Use the USB cable to connect KeepKey to your computer.

Step 3:

Open Chrome and locate the KeepKey Client App. (note: You can get to Chrome Apps by navigating Chrome to “chrome://apps/”)

KeepKey Client Icon

Step 4:

(note: You may be asked to update the firmware on your KeepKey when it first arrives as we are always improving the features and security of the device. The KeepKey Client Chrome App will guide you through the update. If this is a brand new device that has not been initialized, you can ignore the warnings about making sure you have access to your recovery sentence as one has not been created yet for you. Firmware updates should only take about 30 seconds. If you encounter a longer update time the cable you are using with your KeepKey may be defective.)

Upon launching of the KeepKey Client Chrome App on your computer, you will be prompted to initialize your KeepKey. Before you continue, we suggest watching the  initialization screencast we made showing many of these steps. During initialization, the private keys associated with the funds you will eventually store are created, and you are provided a backup of your device in case it is lost or damaged.

Initialize Your KeepKey

  • Select label for your KeepKey (this can be changed later). A label helps you distinguish your KeepKey in case you own multiple devices.Label For Your KeepKey<br
  • Select a PIN between 1-9 digits. (note: We recommend a PIN length of at least 6 digits) You will see a randomized, scrambled keypad on your KeepKey display. Find a number you want to choose, then click on the corresponding location in the KeepKey Client Chrome App.KeepKey Client PIN Entry

    KeepKey scrambled the PIN like this so that the connected computer never learns your PIN. It may seem confusing at first, but once you get comfortable with the PIN entry mechanism, you can use KeepKey on an untrusted computer without worrying that your PIN was discovered.

  • Confirm your PIN. (note: Keypad number placement is scrambled again, so you will need to examine KeepKey’s display once more to find the correct location for the PIN choice in the KeepKey Client Chrome App)
  • Write down the 12-word recovery sentence displayed on your device. This 12-word recovery sentence serves as the backup for your device, and you can use it to restore your funds if you lose access to your KeepKey. As you write down the sentence, carefully confirm that each word is written down correctly. You are only shown this sentence once, and it is very important that you have it written down correctly and in the correct order.Confirm Your Recovery Sentence
  • Keep the recovery sentence in a safe and secure place. You will need it to recover your account funds and private keys if your KeepKey is lost or stolen. Anyone who discovers your recovery sentence can access all of your funds.

Your KeepKey is now initialized! Now you’re ready to receive your first transaction.