Get Started

This tutorial will help get you started securing your bitcoin with KeepKey. Before you begin, ensure that you have a copy of Google Chrome Browser on your computer. KeepKey Wallet, our client software, currently only supports Chrome.

Install KeepKey Wallet Chrome Extension

In Chrome, install the KeepKey Wallet extension from the Google Web Store. This extension is a lightweight bitcoin wallet that let’s you send and receive bitcoins using your KeepKey. After installation, an icon is added to Chrome’s toolbar as shown below.

Installed KeepKey Wallet Chrome Extension

Install KeepKey Proxy Chrome App

Next, install KeepKey Proxy Chrome app. This app provides device communication for Chrome so that you can use KeepKey in-browser. You will need this app in order to use the KeepKey Wallet Extension.

Initialize KeepKey

Before you can use KeepKey to store your bitcoins, you must first initialize it. This is the process of generating the device’s private keys. KeepKey Wallet Chrome Extension will guide you through initializing. Be sure to watch the screencast to see a video walk-through of this step.