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KeepKey Releases Version 0.2.0 of KeepKey Chrome Wallet Software (feat. BlockCypher)

Seattle, WA, Monday, October 5, 2015: KeepKey released a new version of their KeepKey Chrome Wallet software today, less than two weeks after the initial release of the KeepKey Hardware wallet.

“We are please to be shipping our first software update so soon after the initial release of our product. Our customers can expect to see a steady stream of improvements like the ones in version 0.2.1.” says Darin Stanchfield, the founder of KeepKey.

The primary change in this release is the switch to the BlockCypher API. This allows KeepKey offer a more scalable implementation of the hierarchical deterministic (HD) wallet schemes described by BIP 32 and 44.

“The BlockCypher API was designed for applications like KeepKey’s Chrome Wallet,” explained Catheryne Nicholson, BlockCypher’s CEO. “Our Wallet API manages and monitors HD wallets for developers, like KeepKey, so they can take advantage of HD wallets out of the box. Using our API with the KeepKey device enables the best security for private keys, without having to deal with the complexity of it. We take care of it.”

Existing KeepKey users should receive this update automatically if they installed the KeepKey Chrome Wallet through the Chrome Store.

Since September 23, 2015, KeepKey is available for $239 with free shipping to anywhere in the world. Customers who want to pay with Bitcoin can order the device directly on KeepKey’s website ( KeepKey is also available through Amazon with Prime shipping.

BlockCypher is like Amazon Web Services for blockchains. Their web services enable companies to easily build reliable blockchain applications. BlockCypher’s website is at Contact BlockCypher at [email protected]

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