Is KeepKey open source?
KeepKey’s firmware is 100% open source.

Can I update the KeepKey firmware on the device?
Bitcoin is a young technology that is rapidly changing. We designed KeepKey so that it can keep pace with those changes, without sacrificing security to accomplish this goal. Before any firmware upgrade is done, all private keys are deleted from the device’s flash memory. The private keys are only restored after a firmware upgrade if the newly installed firmware is official and is correctly signed by KeepKey, LLC.

Can I run my own custom firmware on the KeepKey?
You can make modifications to our firmware or create your own, then run it on the KeepKey. As a security precaution, firmware uploaded to the KeepKey that we do not distribute will show a warning message during the boot sequence to explain that it is running unofficial firmware.

Where can I buy KeepKey?
You can purchase KeepKey from our website using any major credit card, PayPal, or Bitcoin. KeepKey is also available on Amazon.

What operating system does the KeepKey use?
KeepKey does not have an operating system like your computer or mobile phone. Instead, the program environment is what is known as “bare-metal.” The KeepKey application executes directly on the hardware, without any supervising application or operating system.