SALT & KeepKey

January 4, 2018

KeepKey, in partnership with SALT Lending, is happy to announce the newest member to the SALT product family, the SALT KeepKey. SALT is an industry leading lending company that aims to streamline blockchain-backed loans to get you cash without having to sell your assets. This newest addition offers the same features and functionality of the original KeepKey and includes SALT branding on the box, hardware case, and OLED screen.  SALT tokens will be supported by all KeepKeys in early 2018.

SALT KeepKey’s can be purchased exclusively through SALT Lending’s site ( by members for 10 SALT. Customers who do not currently hold SALT can purchase these tokens directly through SALT or easily ShapeShift their current assets to SALT. If you are not a current member, you can sign-up here:

Bob Goodman, KeepKey CEO, said, “KeepKey is very excited to be involved with the SALT digital asset lending solution by providing a proven simple, safe and secure digital asset hardware storage solution with special SALT product branding. We look forward to continuing our strong relationship with SALT and we plan to continue to fully support their excellent solutions.”

This partnership is KeepKey’s first white label product in efforts to expand overall product offerings and white label opportunities. KeepKey is excited to have this relationship with SALT and looks forward to even more collaborations in the future. For more information on this white label product visit: